Some challenges with Performance can include;

  • Managers too busy to manage face to face
  • Process difficulties
  • Lack of buy-in
  • Limited confidence/ability to have difficult conversations
  • Lack of clarity around role and behavioural expectations

We have worked with a variety of scenarios;

  • A performance review processes lack buy-in
  • 360 degree feedback in place but has limited value
  • Flagging systems, losing momentum
  • No process at all (yet!)
  • Focus on what people do, rather than how they do it – need to define underpinning behaviours

Our contribution;

  • Review your current modus operandi including what works well
  • Definition and development of behavioural competencies linked to culture and
  • strategy
  • Upskill managers in the conversations, building confidence, and Coaching skills
  • Enhanced engagement